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Warriors in the Workforce: From Combat to the Job Market

This conversation is based on a written account from W.W. Waters, a World War I Veteran and Commander of the 1932 "Bonus Army;" an audio account from Clarence "Jack" Davis, a Korean War veteran, courtesy of the Nashville Public Library Veterans' Oral History Project; and a three-minute video spot, Work after War, produced by Nashville Public Television for their Veterans Coming Home project, a national public media effort funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to support veterans in their successful transition to civilian life.

The goal of this conversation is to facilitate education and discussion on a topic that often leads to division or misunderstanding in society. The conversation both highlights our history and provides a framework for creating a civil discourse around current events.

Improving our veterans’ services is the foundation of our nation’s “sacred bond” between those who bear the “wages of war” and those who thrive under their protection. Fulfilling the promise to care for those who have borne the “wages of war” is essential to ensuring there will be citizens ready to serve when needed. A fundamental aspect of these new veteran initiatives target vocational training and rehabilitation. This program provides a historical overview as an introduction to foster further discussion of current topics concerning transitioning our warriors into the workforce.