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About the Community History Program

The Tennessee Community History program provides community-based educational programs about the history and cultural life of Tennessee communities in the context of the history and cultural life of our nation and our world. The goal of the program is to build stronger Tennessee communities, enriched by an understanding of the past and the cultural lives of the peoples who share these communities. The goal of the program is achieved through several projects.

Projects include:

  • Community History Development Fund
    Designed to assist emerging history and cultural institutions develop long-term growth and sustainability, the Fund provides partner organizations financial support in the various phases of its work bringing the humanities to the public.

  • Program Bureau Media Library
    Humanities Tennessee has created a lending library of award-winning video documentaries dealing with a broad range of topics on Southern history and culture. Videos are available free of charge to any non-profit, school, or community group in Tennessee.

  • Museum on Main Street
    This program brings traveling Smithsonian exhibitions to small or emerging museums throughout the state. Our upcoming exhibit, The Way We Worked, opens in September, 2011.

  • Latino Community Initiative
    In response to the growth of Latino communities in Tennessee, the Latino initiative helps develop understanding between cultures through studies of the history and culture of these new Tennessee residents.

  • Tennessee Association of Museums Scholarship Program
    Humanities Tennessee provides scholarships to volunteers without museum-related backgrounds to attend the Tennessee Association of Museums (TAM) annual conference. The conference sessions cover a range of relevant topics such as marketing, exhibits, and fundraising.