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"The Way We Worked" Smithsonian Exhibit at the Martha O'Bryan Center

Martha O'Bryan Center, Nashville

What would life be like without teachers, doctors or firefighters? Every day Americans are hard at work on farms, factories, in homes or at desks keeping our communities thriving. The Martha O'Bryan Center in Nashville, in cooperation with Humanities Tennessee, will explore the professions and the people that sustain American society when it hosts "The Way We Worked," a Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibition. "The Way We Worked" will be on view May 9th through June 13th. 

Guided tours of "The Way We Worked' are available Saturdays, between the hours of 11-3pm; Mondays, 4-5pm

The Martha O'Bryan Center and surrounding community have been expressly chosen by the Humanities Tennessee to host "The Way We Worked" as part of the Museum on Main Street project--a national/state/local partnership to bring exhibitions and programs to cultural organizations. The exhibition will tour three urban communities in Tennessee from April 11th through July 19th. A full itinerary can be found at:

"The Way We Worked," adapted from an original exhibition developed by the National Archives and Records Administration, explores how work has become a central element in American culture. It traces the many changes that have affected the workforce and work environments over the past 150 years, including the growth of manufacturing and increasing use of technology. The exhibition draws from the Archives' rich collections, including historical photographs, archival accounts of workers, film, audio and interactives, to tell the compelling story of how work impacts our individual lives and the historical and cultural fabric of our communities. 

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