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"Refugees of War" - Field Trip to Civil War Contraband Camp

Civil War Contraband Camp, Corinth, MS

The final installment of the public discussion series "Let's Talk About War" is a field trip to the Civil War Contraband Camp in Corinth, MS, and features Dr. Dorothy Granberry as scholar and guide. The series is sponsored by the Geneva Miller Historical Society and is supported in part by a grant from Humanities Tennessee. 

 This project seeks to engage the people in examination of the nature of war and consideration of whether there exist alternatives to this form of massive socially sanctioned violence.  A secondary goal is to lead participants to see the commonalities between war and other conflict situations and to examine the extent to which there are applicable means of resolution other than killing people and destroying property.  A tertiary goal is to actively engage ordinary people - stock clerks, choir members, beauticians, and farm workers - in seeing how their skills and interests can be used to further our understanding and interpretation of war and the changes that it brings.

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