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Making Sense of the American Civil War Series Continues

Chattanooga Public Library, 1001 Broad St. Chattanooga, TN 37402

This scholar-led reading and discussion program continues in Chattanooga on November 13, at the Chattanooga Public Library. Facilitator, Linda Moss Mines, Department of History, Girls' Preparatory School and Hamilton County Historian, will lead the discussion.

The program seeks to illuminate the experiences of individuals from a range of perspectives. Some readings, for example, explore individuals whose beliefs are challenged amid the national chaos of the Civil War. Others ask the reader to imagine answering to one’s own sense of justice, honor, duty, loyalty—even hypocrisy—on the eve of disunion. Other readings consider the shattering impact of the battles of Shiloh and Antietam on Americans and on the subsequent course of events. Still other selections address both the politics of emancipation and the long, fitful course toward liberty and security of freed people.

The conversations serve as a springboard for broader discussions about monumental social and political divides in our nation’s past and present, and provide an opportunity for Tennesseans to reflect the outcomes of public divisions since the Civil War, and on prospects for the future of civility in American life.

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