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Letter to Sarah Weeks, author of So B. It

Vancie Peacock
Hutchison School
4th - 6th Grade

Dear Sarah Weeks,

Reading your book, So B. It, really inspired me and changed my ways of thinking. I have never considered knowing my birthday to be special or knowing who my grandparents and father are to be a blessing. I have never taken time out of my life to realize how hard it would be to not know who I am and to not know about my past. The uncovered mysteries throughout the book left me in suspense and gave me the urge to want to read the last page of the book. I have learned so many things from this amazing book, and the things I have learned are the things I'll never forget.

So B. It really taught me to be thankful for what I have, and it made me wonder what life was really about. I normally think and care about my friends, family, school, and sports. After reading So B. It, I now know how simple life should be. Every day, Heidi's life was so simple. She didn't worry about school or friends, but most importantly, she thought about her life and the situation that she was in. We make big deals about little problems. We get mad at people who we love, all because of something small. There are so many parts to our lives that don't make us realize what we are here for. I learned that if you smile, you're thankful, determined, and you show your love, then that is all you need in life. Heidi did these things, so even if her life was hard, it was right. It's as simple as that.

The bond between Heidi and her mother reminds me of the bond with me and my little brother. My brother, Robby, was born when I was in 3rd grade. I was almost like his second mom. He grew up calling me "sister" instead of Vancie, which is special. Ever since he was born, we have had a strong relationship. Throughout the book, Heidi didn't express her love for her mother a lot, but readers can tell that she loves and looks out for her mother. It is devastating when her mother dies in the end. Lots of times I worry about this happening to Robby, or I worry about his feelings getting hurt. I learned to just enjoy your times while you have them.

Even though as a child I learned that some people are different and have disabilities, I still sometimes stare at a disabled person. After reading this book about Heidi and her mother, it has truly inspired me to think about the different people in another way. I learned so much from this book. I've learned more than you probably intended. I am blessed to have the wonderful life and opportunities that I do, and even if it doesn't seem perfect, I can always think of So B. It.

Vancie Peacock