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Dear Franklyn E. Meyer

Charlie Hatley
White Station Middle School
4th - 6th Grade

Dear Mr. Franklyn E. Meyer,

My name is Charlie Hatley, and I wanted to write to you and tell you how much your book, Caleb and Me Again, means to me. Last summer I lost my giant schnauzer, Brita. She had been with me my entire life and losing her was something I was not prepared to cope with. Your book was a great way for me to cope with my sadness.

I was having problems with the loss of my best friend and constant companion. People said that it wasn’t a real loss like a “real” family member, and they buried her and walked away like that was just that. They consoled themselves with empty words, like “she had a great life” and “she lived a long time.” I was angry. She was so much more than platitudes and rationalizations. Brita was so much more than that to me. She was the common denominator in my life. The one constant who understood me and loved me like I loved her.

A month after she died, I found your book in the school library, and I sat in the corner and read your book, not knowing what to expect. I found myself enthralled by these boys’ lives and the things they did. I felt like I was there with them and I could not stop reading.

And then I got to chapter 6, “Jupie Comes Home,” and I was destroyed and rescued all in one chapter. Your description of the loss of Jupie and what he stood for and how important he was to Mr. Neidlinger was how I felt about Brita. It was okay to be sad and its’s okay to love an animal this much and to feel the loss this hard. You showed me that UI was okay, and the world will keep turning and that when someone loses something, they can also gain something in return.

Thank you for writing your stories down and thank you for sharing them with me.


Charlie Hatley