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And Cain Rose up … A Study of Modern Genocides

B'Nai Israel Center for Jewish Studies
Lambuth University

The project consisted of a series of public lecture/discussions on subjects including ethnic cleansing, Armenian oral histories of genocide, literature about genocides, and a keynote "Human Rights and Globalization in the Age of Genocide," delivered by Samantha Power. Other activities included a teacher in service dealing with the Holocaust, and musical presentation based on songs of the Jewish ghettos; a book discussion of The Devil Came on Horseback; a panel discussion covering the topics of Fascism, international law, environmental factors, ethical theories, and the psychology of genocide; a film discussion of The Lost Boys of Sudan; a panel discussion of Darfur. Project events occurred at a variety of locations around Jackson, mostly public libraries and churches. The goal of the project was to raise awareness of what is happening around the world, and how discussions of the past may help us understand current events.