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Partnership for Public Humanities

Partnership for Public Humanities Examples

The examples illustrate possible ways in which organizations might use the PPH to grow programatically, leading to new ideas and more knowledgeable, reflective audiences. The PPH program plan allows the members of a nonprofit to focus collectively on a set of program goals and implement events one by one, with access to necessary resources. The issues and concerns addressed by the PPH are determined by the organizations that use it, such as, but not limited to, the following:

Partnership for Public Humanities Partners

  • Amqui Station, Madison
  • Auburntown Historical Society
  • Bartlett Historical Society
  • Beech River Cultural Center & Museum, Lexington
  • Bemis Historical Society, Bemis
  • Big Black Creek Historical Association, Mercer
  • Buchanan Log House, Nashville
  • Campbell County Historical Society Museum & Library/Campbell Culture Coalition, LaFollette
  • Clay County Historical Museum, Celina
  • Cowan Railroad Museum

Partnership for Public Humanities

The Community History Development Fund (CHDF) has become the Partnership for Public Humanities (PPH).  The PPH provides financial support to nonprofit partners for public humanities projects. It is designed to encourage nonprofits to use humanities projects--those that engage the audience’s skills of inquiry, analysis, and reflection, and provide the historical and social contexts with which to do so--to strengthen work in their communities.