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Recap: "The Future of the Workforce" Discussion in Chattanooga

What forms of automation and technology are on the horizon, and how close are we to using them? Will we lose jobs or will they just be dramatically different? How can current workers remain relevant, and how can we equip the future workforce for an ever-changing landscape?
Chattanoogans gathered recently for a panel discussion that sought to answer questions, and to raise others, about the future of work and the city’s prospects for staying apace of sweeping changes. The panel occurred at green|spaces, the current host of Humanities Tennessee’s traveling Smithsonian exhibit, The Way We Worked.
Panelists included Dr. Tony Donen, STEM School principal, Dr. Fannie Hewlett, Interim President at Chattanooga State, and Ben Schnell, Tech Recruiter at Lamp Post Group, a venture incubator. The varied perspectives of the panelists left the audience plenty of observations with which to consider the roles of jobs policy and education policy, the roles of various community sectors in meeting the challenges of Chattanooga’s future, and, perhaps, in the broadest sense, to ask “how does thinking about the future change how I engage in issues between now and then?”
The panel discussion is available for viewing online at:
The Way We Worked is on view at green|spaces through July 20th, wrapping up our state tour. Be sure to stop by and see the exhibit before it leaves Tennessee!