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Promise Land Community Club Joins Partnership for Public Humanities

Humanities Tennessee is pleased to welcome the Promise Land Community Club in Charlotte, TN to the Partnership for Public Humanities (PPH). The volunteers at Promise Land initiated their partnership with a public humanities program by hosting a selection from our Conversations Bureau, "Dred Scott and the Origins of American Citizenship," which centers on the 1857 Supreme Court case of Dred Scott v. Sanford. Facilitated by Daniel Sharfstein of Vanderbilt University, the conversation raised questions of slavery and citizenship during the first century of American statehood, and also led to consideration of current issues, from immigration reform to events in Ferguson, Missouri. Of the twenty-five attendees, six were brand new to Promise Land, and simply turned up for a lively, insightful discussion.
Following the program, many of the participants began reading Sharfstein's recent book, The Invisible Line, in which Sharfstein follows three families from the Civil War to the civil-rights era, showing how each managed to manipulate racial restrictions and live and thrive in the very communities that might have shut them out. Local response to the book prompted Promise Land Community Club to request Humanities Tennessee's support of a public discussion of The Invisible Line with the author on Feburary 18th from 5-7pm at the Clement Railroad Hotel Museum in Dickson, Tennessee. We were only too happy to help make this happen. 
Next up, and with two public humanities programs under their belt, a PPH scholar will work with Promise Land to create a strategy for public programs in the years to come. With our continued support, Promise Land may expect many more great discussions and many more visitors--new and returning.