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Letters About Literature winners announced

After reading 1,534 letters and narrowing down the honorable mentions, we are pleased to announce the winners of this year's contest. The letters were very moving, personal, and creative. Thanks to all who entered and congratulations to the winners!  

Tennessee’s winners are:


Level 1
(4th-6th grade)

Level 2
(7th-8th grade) 

Level 3 
(9th -12th grade) 

1st place
$100 prize and the winner's letter advances to compete in the national Letters About Literature competition

Sarah Shen, a 6th grader at White Station Middle School in Memphis, wrote to Rick Riordan about The Lost Hero

Read Sarah's letter here.

Piper Chaussee, 8th grader at Coalfield School in Coalfield, wrote to Edgar Allan Poe about "Alone". 

Read Piper's letter here.

Prakriti Mehta, 11th grader at White Station High School in Memphis, wrote to Eleanor Coerr about Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes

Read Prakriti's letter here.

2nd place
$50 prize

Emma Stevenson, a 5th grader from Sewanee Elementary School in Sewanee, wrote to Katherine Paterson about Bridge to Terabithia

Read Emma's letter here

8th grader from Hixson Middle School in Hixson, wrote to John Boyne about The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Elissa Grace Todd, 11th grader at White Station High School in Memphis, wrote to P.L. Travers about Mary Poppins.

Read Elissa Grace's letter here.

3rd place
$25 prize

Vancie Peacock, 6th grader at Hutchison School in Memphis, wrote to Sarah Weeks about So B. It.

Read Vancie's letter here.

Paige Supeck, 7th grader at Petros Joyner School in Oliver Springs. Paige wrote to Patricia McCormick about Cut

Read Paige's letter here.

Corey Hancock, 12th grader at Houston High School in Germantown, wrote to George Orwell about Animal Farm.

Read Corey's letter here.