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Investing in the Humanities

Investing in the Humanities

You can make a difference in shaping Tennessee's future. 

Every year’s end invites us to reflect on the past while looking forward to the future. For forty years, Humanities Tennessee has worked to promote an appreciation f history, civility, and community among Tennesseans. We ask you to invest in the humanities to continue this mission for the future of all Tennesseans.

Tennessee faces many of the same challenges as the nation as a whole. Even as health, infrastructure, and the environment rank highly among our concerns, more than half of Tennesseans polled in a recent report cited education as our state’s greatest challenge.

  • How can we improve Tennessean’s civic engagement—we came in 45th in voter turnout in 2012—when history and civics have fallen as priorities in schools and we spend less on adult education than other states?
  • How can Tennessee attract new industries if our citizens lack the skills needed—critical thinking, verbal and written communication—to fill positions?
  • How can we overcome divisions among ourselves, whether they are geographic, generational, racial, or based on immigration status, if we don’t know our own or understand others’ histories?

The humanities can be a part of the solution. You can help.

Why invest in the humanities?

Humanities Tennessee’s programs and grants promote lifelong learning, civil discourse, and an appreciation of history and diversity—key ingredients of a healthy democracy.

Your tax-deductible gift to Humanities Tennessee will:




We need YOUR help to continue this work and play a part in shaping a bright future for all Tennesseans. Please take this #GivingTuesday opportunity to make a donation and invest in that future today. Thank you!