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Humanities Tennessee Scholarships Support Community Volunteers

Tennessee is home to several hundred small cultural institutions that are operated solely by volunteers—dedicated community members who seek skills for sustaining their organizations and fulfilling their missions.  These volunteers enable their organizations to serve a vital role in community life through education, action, and reflection, connecting Tennesseans to their past, present and future.

We are pleased to support the efforts of these volunteers by providing opportunities for professional development.  This year we’re supporting attendance at two events, the Exhibit Makeovers Workshop hosted by the American Association for State and Local History (AASLH), and the Annual Tennessee Association of Museums (TAM) conference.

Based in Nashville, the AASLH provides services nationwide, including hands-on, two-day workshop led by renowned leaders in the museum and history fields. The Exhibit Makeovers Workshop is hosted by the TN State Museum, for which we awarded the following seven scholarships:

·         Bemis Historical Society: Richard Fisher

·         Community Action Network of Englewood: Mark Cochran

·         Dyer County Historical Society, Dyersburg: Nancy Speck

·         Granville Museum: Liz Bennett

·         Overton County Heritage Museum, Livingston: Ron Goode

·         Pleasant Hill Historical Society, Sharon Weible

·         Tom & OE Stigall Museum, Humboldt: Jerry Marable

We award scholarships annually for the TAM conference, a two-day professional meeting covering a range of museum-related topics.  We’ve awarded more than 200 scholarships over the years, including fifteen for the 2014 conference.  Click here for this year’s list and to learn more about the program.