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Humanities Tennessee promotes Looking@Democracy Media Contest

Short video and audio entries will win up to $25,000 in national contest about democracy in America

Humanities Tennessee has joined the Illinois Humanities Council and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation as a promotional partner in the national Looking@Democracy contest.

Looking@Democracy is a national competition to bring attention to ideas, perspectives and stories that are not currently featured in our mainstream political conversation.

The competition offers a total of $100,000 in prize money for short, provocative media pieces that either (a) tell a story about why government is important to our lives, or (b) tell how we might together strengthen American democracy.

Media pieces can come in many formats such as compelling short videos; funny audio clips, satirical animations; music videos, public service announcements, infographics, graphic art, Facebook apps, iPhone apps, etc. – maybe even an animated rap song!

Audio and Video entries should be under three (3) minutes in length.

Submissions can be informative, persuasive, serious, funny, satirical, personal, inspirational or critical. They all just need to be digital so they can be shared and disseminated electronically– other than that, it’s up to YOU!

All entries must address issues related to democracy in the United States.
The submissions deadline for the contest is April 30, 2013. Complete details are available at