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Grant Program Offers a New Direction

Humanities Tennessee is pleased to announce a new funding priority for our 2014 General Grant and Small Project Grant Programs.  Although all eligible projects are welcome to apply, our Board of Directors has a particular interest in projects that seek to deepen the understanding Tennesseans have of each other and that model civil behavior by bringing people together to share differing perspectives.

Both of these objectives are, in fact, fundamental to the humanities, and each year we fund projects that achieve these goals in myriad ways, whether it’s a panel discussion that asks how Emancipation reverberates in Tennessee today, or a traveling exhibit that correlates Tennessee’s labor climate and manufacturing economy over the past fifty years.

Increasingly, our interactions outside of our closest circles are marked by ideological, politicized, and polarizing viewpoints. Our board encourages our grantees to consider especially the impact of their humanities projects on the understanding and mutual respect among Tennesseans.

Visit our grants page for more information about our grant program and sample projects.