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CALL TO ACTION: Oppose elimination of the National Endowment for the Humanities!

Humanities Tennessee’s work depends on support from a variety of sources: individuals, foundations and corporations, as well as municipal and state agencies. But our largest source of income comes from an annual grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. The President’s initial budget proposal defunds the NEH and several other cultural agencies (learn more here). We need your help to let Congress know how crucial this funding is. Our statewide programs and grants—the Southern Festival of Books, Outstanding Educator Awards, Young Writers’ Workshops, The Conversation Project, Student Reader Days, Chapter, grants supporting rural museums, community history programs, and more—will be directly, negatively affected by these cuts.
Because our legislators will actually be the ones who appropriate funds for the agency, it is imperative that we let them know how important this work is. Also encourage your colleagues and friends to do the same. Please take a moment to call and write your representative’s and senators’ offices and ask them to support funding the NEH and state humanities councils (find their contact info here). That’s the only message you absolutely need to convey, but if you have a story to share about why you support Humanities Tennessee, please do share it with them—and share it with us, too!
It is also important both to call and to write them! Please do both. Ideally, they would hear from as many Tennesseans as possible right now to have a sense of how these programs are meaningful to communities all over the state.
We need your support now more than ever.